Support for the Myanmar Economic Monitor


Support for the Myanmar Economic Monitor#

The Myanmar Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment team is responsible for undertaking macroeconomic surveillance of Myanmar and conducting analytical studies to guide economic policy and development, including the bi-annual Myanmar Economic Monitor. However, published data can be delayed or unreliable, making traditional macroeconomic monitoring a challenge.

This repository includes a starter Stratefic Brief, which includes preliminary adviosry for the Task Team on:

  • Data Collection and Acquisition. Identified data resources that could support the Monitor update.

  • Data Management. Recommendations for managing derived project datasets.

  • Data Analytics and Insight Dissemination. A menu of proposals for analytical work that could be coordinated through the Lab network.

Over time, datasets, code, and documentation will be added to the repository, supporting reproducibility and reusability of all work conducted in support of the Monitor.


This projects is licensed under the Mozilla Public License - see the LICENSE file for details.