Development Data Partnership

Solving Development Challenges through Data Science Collaboration between Companies and International Organizations.

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The Partnership improves the security, efficiency, and effectiveness of data partnerships for public good by building upon the following pillars.

Legal Foundation

Template data license agreements and MOUs between international organizations saves time and resources.

Data Marketplace

A web-based proposal management portal facilitates seamless interactions between Data and Development Partners.

Shared Secure IT Architecture

Centralized IT architecture and processes for ingesting, storing, and pre-processing data, as well as for coding collaboration, lower costs and facilitate secure data use.

Data Goods

Accessible code repositories for derived data products and algorithms broaden Partnership impact.

Data Governance

A robust data governance system guides best practices for responsible and ethical data use.

Data Partners

A Data Partner is an organization that provides data and/or services under the Master Data License Agreement.

Development Partners

A Development Partner is an international organization that receives data and/or services under the Master Data License Agreement.

How to Engage

Data Partner

The Partnership unlocks public good opportunities from proprietary data in a secure, responsible manner. Through partnership, Data Partners can open markets in emerging economies, discover new data methods that inform future products, and increase staff skills through collaboration and secondment opportunities.

Development Partner

The Partnership is open to donors and entities engaged in international development work. Members have access to the Data Partnership Portal and are invited to participate in exchanges and training activities.

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Projects & News

The Effects of City Growth on Traffic and Urban Mobility


The Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca has been deeply affected by urban sprawl, which has strained the city’s traffic system and caused increased congestion on roadways.

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Heatwaves Data Collaborative

The Heatwaves Data Collaborative knits together efforts by international organizations, private firms, and researchers to develop standard datasets and methodologies for identifying and mitigating the urgent socio-economic impacts of heatwaves.

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Development Data Partnership Day 2022

This day is dedicated to addressing global climate, health, and food security challenges through public-private data science collaboration. Speakers from LinkedIn, Google, Data for Good at Meta, Spectus (formerly Cuebiq), Ookla for Good, and Mapbox will share their latest experiences on data science collaboration for public good, while leadership and colleagues from the IDB, UNDP, IMF, and the World Bank will introduce project impacts.

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