Understanding Lebanon’s Economy through Alternative Data

Understanding Lebanon’s Economy through Alternative Data#

The MENA MTI team is leading two analytical projects for Lebanon – the Lebanon Country Economic Memorandum (CEM) (P178305) and ‘Revisiting the Syrian Conflict’s Impact on Lebanon (P178302). Data constraints are a major concern for both projects. This repository includes an exploration of alternative data sources that could support analysis of Lebanon’s economic growth, conflict, demographics, and refugee dynamics.


Introduction to Data Goods

Understanding Lebanon's Economy through Alternative Data

Data Availability Statement#

Restrictions may apply to the data that support the findings of this study. Data received from the private sector through the Development Data Partnership are subject to the terms and conditions of the data license agreement and the “Official Use Only” data classification. These data are available upon request through the Development Data Partnership. Licensing and access information for all other datasets are included in the documentation.


This project is licensed under the Mozilla Public License - see the LICENSE file for details.