Using Mobility Data to Improve Lives in Lima

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Improving traffic flow and enhancing road safety are critical to Lima which was ranked the fourth most congested metropolitan area in the world in 2022.

Assessing Traffic Congestion and Accessibility to Jobs Using Waze for Cities and Mapbox Data

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Traffic congestion and suburbanization are becoming increasingly significant factors affecting urban mobility and limiting access to jobs and opportunities in most mid-sized cities worldwide.

Insights from Leveraging Big Data to Track the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mobility in Buenos Aires

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How did the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures affect mobility in cities around the globe? To inform transport mobility planning, congestion data provided by Waze for Cities was used for a World Bank study on how travel patterns in Buenos Aires changed as a result of pandemic-related restrictions and changing travel preferences.

How Big Data and Machine Learning Can Strengthen Road Safety

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High-quality and reliable data is necessary to gain useful, actionable insights and enhance road safety conditions. However, collecting data on road safety through manual detection can be expensive, time-consuming, and complex.

The Effects of City Growth on Traffic and Urban Mobility

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The Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca has been deeply affected by urban sprawl, which has strained the city’s traffic system and caused increased congestion on roadways.

Buenos Aires Transport Demand Planning

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Challenge The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown measures implemented in 2020 had a significant impact on mobility in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires (AMBA), adding new constrains to the travel behaviours of residents and businesses.

A Data-Driven Framework to Support Bogota’s Barrios Vitales Project

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A data-driven framework to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of a superblock model in Bogotá from a speed management perspective and inform street design alternatives in the urban space.

Visualizing Millions of Waze Traffic Alerts with BigQuery, H3 and Dask

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Waze for Cities, a Data Partner of the Development Data Partnership, connects government partners to high quality, frequent and granular traffic data extremely valuable in informing public sector, transport and urban planning as well as addressing the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Unlocking Mobility: TapTap Maps in Cap-Haïtien

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Challenge Haitian cities suffer from poor transportation services, and the lack of data from existing services limits improvement efforts. Tap Taps are the most popular motorized transportation mode employed across Haiti, yet there is not enough data on them as they are informal, private, and marginally regulated.

Optimizing Tourism Investments: Identifying Chokepoints and Underperforming Minor Roads in Sri Lanka

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Challenge Connected and maintained transportation infrastructure are critical to sustainable economic development, but most current estimation methods of road quality are labor, time, and cost intensive.

Analyzing Spatial Accessibility of Health Facilities in Indonesia and Philippines

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Challenge: Indonesia and the Philippines are archipelagos, where geographic and administrative boundaries are similar. The collection of islands is home to different concentrations of ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic groups, with an imbalanced distribution of health facilities and physicians.

Tackling COVID-19 Second Wave using Facebook Mobility Data in Vietnam

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Challenge: On July 24, after 99 days of zero community-transmitted COVID-19 infections, a 57 year-old man tested positive in Danang, a major city in central Vietnam with close to 1.

Google, Apple, and Facebook: Understanding Mobility during Social Distancing with Private Sector Data

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As countries around the world work to contain the spread and impact of COVID-19, the World Bank Group is moving quickly to provide fast, flexible responses to help developing countries strengthen their pandemic response and health care systems.

Improving Road Safety in Nairobi

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“Data Partnership brings domain expertise. Google brings data expertise. Together we impact real world problems.” –Google’s Bailey-Galvis noted at a Data Partnership event in early February 2019

Mapping Freetown Transit for Resiliency

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Challenge: The resiliency of a transport network is a critical component to the stability and prosperity of a city. Freetown, prone to flooding and landslides, struggles to maintain services throughout the year.