The Effects of City Growth on Traffic and Urban Mobility

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The Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca has been deeply affected by urban sprawl, which has strained the city’s traffic system and caused increased congestion on roadways.

Where Did Everyone Go? Potential of Digital Movement Data for Natural Hazards Management

Case Study Cuebiq Disaster Risk Management

Every September 19th since the great earthquake of 1985, Mexico City conducts a major drill: people filing out of buildings in an orderly fashion.

Understanding Societal Responses to Policies Undertaken During Emergencies: Lessons from COVID-19’s Second Wave in Maharashtra

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Maharashtra, one of the wealthiest states in India, was among the worst hit by COVID-19, registering nearly 140,000 COVID-19 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Mapping Freetown Transit for Resiliency

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Challenge: The resiliency of a transport network is a critical component to the stability and prosperity of a city. Freetown, prone to flooding and landslides, struggles to maintain services throughout the year.